Terms of use

1. Scope and extent


These terms of agreement are valid between Snapmed AS, org nr. 917447128 with address Trim Towers Larsamyrå 18 4313 Sandnes, Norwa, ("Snapmed"), and you as a client ("Client"), for the purpose of giving advice and councelling through the websites of Snapmed (Snapmed.co, Snapmed.no, Snapmed.dk, Snapmed.se and other domains owned and operated by Snapmed).

The designations "we", "us" and "our" in these terms of use refers to Snapmed.


Through the webpage, people can order a skin assessments from dermatologists through submitting pictures and a description of a skin condition. Upon receiving the case, a dermatologist will review the case and provide the client with an assessment with probable diagnosis and cause in addition to recommendations for further actions to be taken such as possible treatments. In cases where it is difficult to judge the seriousness or it is probable that the condition is or could turn serious, we will call the client to provide recommendations for further actions to be taken.


Snapmed is only a technical provider of advice that the dermatologist offer the client. Snapmed should therefor under no circimstance be considered as a supplier of health services. The agreement that is made between the client and Snapmed is thus only an agreement to provide solutions for submitting text and pictures and receiving a reviewed. Snapmed is not responsible for the content or quality of the advice that is given by the dermatologists.


The client enters an agreement with Snapmed by creating an account called "my site" according to the website terms. By creating an account on our websites, the client will accept these terms.


The client is responsible to make sure that all personal information and contact information submitted are correct and up to date. The client should provide any changes to the personal information to Snapmed at the earliest possible time by sending an e-mail to support@snapmed.no


The following terms of agreement are not valid if the client recive services from Snapmed in connection with e.g. a subscription agreement, occupational health service, employee benefit agreements etc: 6.1 and 6.2 cancellation of order with right of reimbursment of payment. Second sentence in 9.2, right of termination of agreement with right of reimbursement of paument and third sentence 10.1 force majeure with the right of reimbursement of payment.

2. General information about your account and the service


By agreeing to these terms and registering an account with Snapmed it is required that client use two-factor authentication with a one-time code by SMS and a personal password and confirming to be above 16 years of age.


The client is responsible for every action he/she performs in relation to his/her personal account. The account can only be used by the client and not be used or transferred to other persons. Parents/guardians are however allowed to use their own accounts on behalf of their children given that the child is below 18 years of age. Snapmed does not carry any responsibility for misuse of the account by any third parties, or of consequences as a result of such misuse.


The client is responsible that the account is used according to the terms of this agreement as well as other terms that are specified on the web pages of Snapmed and applicable rules and regulations. The client is itself responsible for all information on his/her account and the content of this information.


By registering an account on the Snapmed websites, the client confirms that he/she agrees to the technical specifications, terms and limitations for the website and services. These are described in the at all times valid service and product descriptions available at the Snapmed websites.


By registering an account on a Snapmed website, the client accepts that Snapmed can use the given contact information to send offers and information via e-mail and messages. Clients have the right to opt out and reserve themselves against this type of communication. By request of the customer, Snapmed is obliged to agree to this at the earliest possible time after the request is sumbitted.


Content that Snapmed posts or makes available on the websites represents a supplement to the medical advice from the dermatologists and is not meant to replace the advice from medical personnel. The content is only intended as guidance for qualified medical personnel to give advice to clients in an efficient way. Snapmed does not carry any responsibility as a supplier of health services.


With regard to the technical specifications of the websites and service, the service is restricted to certain conditions as described on the website.

3. Prices and payment


Prices and charges providing a service for submitting text and image for review with health personnel and all other costs related to the service are given in the pricing list on the website.


Payment for text and images via the websites are paid before the review is completed or before the client gets access to the reviewed case. The client will not get access to the review before the payment is approved.

4. The liability of Snapmed


Snapmed is liable to make sure that the service complies with Norwegian law for electronic trade and other information services as well as Norwegian law of remote agreements and agreements reached outside of set business operations and equivalent local law. Snapmed does not carry any liability for loss of data.


Snapmed is not liable for the content that it linked to or from Snapmed´s webpages.


Snapmed works to make sure the websites should be available at all times. The client is to be given a reasonable opportunity to visit his/her account at any time of the day. The client can send text and image information for review at all times through the order form on the websites. The review of the information that is submitted will be done in normal office hours and at the latest 12 or 24 hours after the case is sibmitted. Review times are dependent on the type of service chosen. The websites and the personal account on the websites are made available according to the above mentioned with the exception of reasonable downtime in relation, but not limited to planned maintenance of the websites.


Snapmed does not carrry liability for the service being unavailable caused by the following

a) Errors/problems with third party products and/or services used by the client or incopatibility with such products and/or services.

b) other events that the customer is responsible for according to this agreement and other terms

c) computer virus, malware or other security attacks that arise despite of the efforts of Snapmed to ensure the safety of the service

d) events that can be categorized as force majeure according to point 10 below.


Snapmed is only responsible for operating the websites. This involves transferring of text and picture between account holders and health personnel and related services such as storing fo information and other information that Snapmed makes available through the account of the client.


Errors or faults that makes the service or any part of the service unavailable should be reported at the earliest opportunity to our customer service at support@snapmed.no


Errors will at the first instance be treated through attempting improvement, given that this is possible without unreasonable cost or inconvenience. Snapmed reserves the right to improve errors at the company´s own expense given that this can be done without unreasonable cost or inconvenience for the client. If an error can not be improved, the customer has the right of a discount with the limitations described below. For any compensation, direct damages needs to be documented.


Snapmed is not liable for any errors at the fault of the client or events that the client can be held responsible for. Snapmed is not liable for potential injuries that directly or indirectly can be related to use or misuse of information that is given, presented or referred to at Snapmed websites. The liability of Snapmed is under all circumstances limited to a maximum amount of 1400 USD. Snapmed is thus not liable for consequential damages, loss of profit, missed expected saving and/or any indirect losses or damages.

5. Intellectual property


Ownership, copyrights and all other rights attached to Snapmed's trademark, company and website, as well as all documents that are used and / or made available by Snapmed on the web pages, such as, but not limited to, these General Terms of Use, belong solely to Snapmed. Snapmed therefore reserves an exclusive right to use the above-mentioned material. All copying, modification, transfer and / or other use of Snapmed's material not permitted under this Agreement or the instructions provided by Snapmed from time to time is prohibited. The client confirms and agrees that unauthorized use of Snapmed's intellectual property rights - in addition to breaking this agreement - may be punishable. Snapmed reserves the right to go to legal action by unauthorized use of Snapmed's intellectual property rights.


Any intellectual property rights that arise as a result of Snapmed making the webpages and / or other services available for the client is the sole property of Snapmed.

6. Cancellation of case review


The client can cancel a case review from Snapmed before review of the case has begun. If cancellation occurs in accordance with this, the client will get refunded what he / she paid within 14 days.


The client agrees that he / she does not have a cancellation / cancellation right after the assessment has started regardless of whether the customer considers that the condition no longer needs an assessment. In such cases, the customer is not entitled to a refund for what he / she has paid for the assessment.

7. Unwarranted use and information


Snapmed looks seriously at all types of unauthorized use of the Account and the Service . For example, it is not allowed to take pictures or records of any material relating to a case review with healthcare professionals or in any way contribute to spread such material. Snapmed will proactively take action against such confirmed or expected unauthorized use of the Account, the webpages, etc.


Snapmed reserves the right to - with prior notice or message to the Account Holder - remove information from the service, block Account Holder's account or take other action due to violation of the Account Holder or to protect the reputation and reliability of the Service. Snapmed is able to do this at any time and without liability for any consequences. In case of such suspension of account, Snapmed is also entitled to terminate the Agreement in accordance with section 8.2 below.


If the Account Holder has violated the Agreement or applicable laws or regulations, or has used the Service in an illegal manner, the Account Holder is obliged to replace and cover all losses incurred by Snapmed due to this (including but not limited to attorneys fees, litigation costs and all third party claims).


Snapmed may not provide personal information about the Account Holder for which Snapmed is the data controller in accordance with applicable regulations and which the Healthcare Provider will not or may not make available in the Service.

8. Agreement time and termination


This agreement is valid from the time the client orders an assessment from Snapmed. The client always has the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect unless it fails to pay for the services ordered through Snapmed. In the event of such termination, Snapmed shall remove the closed account of the customer and all stored information relating to the customer.


Snapmed has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if client violates these Terms and Conditions or other terms of any agreement and policy or there are reasonable grounds for suspecting such breach and client does not correct the breach within thirty (30) days after having been notified in writing about this. In the event of such termination, the customer's account will be blocked and then the agreement will automatically be void. Stored information about the customer must be removed as soon as possible.


A client who is blocked from their account under this clause is not entitled to re-register or register a new account without the specific permission of Snapmed.

9. Development and changes in terms of use


Snapmed reserves the right to change the account and the service's scope and function. Product and service development, for example, may include, but is not limited to, layout, content, services, and features and may imply that agreements and policies are affected. Such changes are notified via the websites and / or via e-mail. The applicable terms of use at any time are available on the website.


The client has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if Snapmed makes changes to the website or in agreements and policies that cause a significant inconvenience to the customer. In such cases, the customer is entitled to a refund if he / she has paid for the assessment, but this has not commenced at the time of termination.

10. Force majeure


Snapmed does not compensate for damage caused by strikes, fire, government regulations, labor conflicts, accidents, errors or delays in subcontractors, downtime in public communications systems or other matters beyond Snapmed's control, which Snapmed can not reasonably be expected to count on with, and having consequences as Snapmed can not be expected to survive or overcome. If a circumstance under this paragraph persists for more than one (1) month, both parties have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. In such a case, the customer is entitled to receive a refund for prepaid amount for consideration ordered but not yet commenced.

11. Communication


The client must provide an e-mail address and a mobile number where he / she can receive notifications, reminders, and other messages that may come from Snapmed. If the contact information changes, the client is obliged to register new correct information as soon as possible. Terminations or other messages must be provided by e-mail.


The message is seen as delivered to the recipient it is sent via e-mail or SMS through information stored in Snapmed Account.

12. Personal information


Here, we refer to our privacy policy for detailed information about how we treat your personal data, including a clear description of your rights and how you can exercise these.

13. Other


The account holder can not transfer the agreement, rights and / or obligations deriving from the agreement to another party.


Snapmed reserves the right to use subcontractors to fulfill its obligations under the agreement.

14. Disputes


This agreement is governed by Norwegian law. Any dispute based on the agreement shall be settled by an ordinary court.