Any questions?

Your data security

  • We use secure two-factor authentication to make sure only you get access to your data.

  • Data is encrypted to ensure your privacy.

  • Data is stored safely with precautions in regards to both security and your privacy. None other than you and your dermatologist will have access to your data.

Payment, prices and refunds

  • If you did not receive an answer within 12 or 24 hours (as you selected), you can send us an e-mail, at, and we will refund your consultation in its entirety.

  • If you would like a second opinion, simply log in and click on your case. You will find a button down right on the reviewed case, where you can submit your case for review by a second dermatologist.

  • It costs $35 for a review within 24 hours, or $45 if you need it within 12 hours.

  • If we are late with the review we will provide you with a reimbursement. Other support cases are handled on a case-by-case basis. Normally we are able to resolve the issue through means that ensure you get help with what you contacted us about in the first place.

Prescription medication and referrals

  • For international clients, we provide advice about prescription and over-the-counter medication, but are not able to write a prescription. Your own doctor will have to help you with that. In general, 70-80% of cases submitted to us are solved with over-the-counter medication.

  • For international clients, we will advise on any type of follow up that would be appropriate, but we are not able to make direct referrals.