Epidermoid cysts

Cysts are cavities full of fluid or air. They can form almost anywhere. They’re harmless, and easy to remove.


Sometimes you get them in the very outer layer of your skin, the ‘epidermis’, where they associate for some reason with sebaceous glands. (That’s why you so often get them on the scalp, face, or upper body.)

They can burst into deeper tissue. Then you get a big, painful inflammatory reaction there. An inflamed cyst can ooze pus.


Cysts are very common, and not everyone bothers to have them treated.

Treatment usually happens for vanity’s sake, or because the cyst is a sore one. ‘Treatment’ means draining the cyst, and/or cutting it out. This is routine in doctors’ offices.


Cysts don’t tend to go away by themselves. Sometimes they get sore. Sometimes they harden into little ‘nodules’. Mostly, they do absolutely nothing. If you get the cyst drained it may come back. If you get it removed, it will not come back.

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