Blepharitis is red and scaly inflammation along the edges of your eyelids. It’s associated with the sebaceous glands attached to your eyelash follicles.


There may be a bacterial infection at work in your blepharitis. You may also have skin that inflames easily. There is a statistical association with blepharitis and atopic eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and rosacea.


Your dermatologist, or your ophthalmologist if you prefer, will recommend that you keep the area around yours eyes clean. This being an infection, do it in such a way, with fresh cloths and swabs, as to avoid spreading it to your other eye, or to someone else’s eye.

Warm water and baby shampoo work well, and your pharmacy has gentle antiseptic wipes you can also use. Don’t rub hard – the skin is tender.

You may need a course of antibiotics, and possibly a little topical cortisone. That’s for the doctor to advise on.


Blepharitis is irritating (literally), but it’s safe and easy to treat. It can come back readily, so keep your eyes open (and keep them clean).

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