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Ask our Board Certified Dermatologists any question about your skin, safe and securely. Just answer a few questions and submit pictures. Get professional advice within hours from $35.00.

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All our dermatologists are certified from the Norwegian health care system. Read about us here.


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Step 1: Send two pictures and answer a few questions

Take a closeup picture and an overview picture of your skin with your phone. Provide a description, information about yourself and submit your case.

Step 2: Get professional advice within 24 hours

Our online dermatologists will thoroughly review your case and provide professional advice within 24 hours using Snapmed´s secure platform.

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It takes time and effort to go to a family doctor and is often expensive to visit a dermatologist. Our Board Certified Dermatologists provide you with advice on treatment and follow-up of your condition.

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Advice from Board Certified Dermatologists

All our dermatologists are certified from Norway and work in Norwegian hospitals and clinics.

Chin Khac Le - Dermatologist

Chinh Khac Le

Evelina Buinauskaite - Dermatologist

Evelina Buinauskaite

Reza Sohrabi - Dermatologist

Reza Sohrabi

Ane Scheel - Dermatologist

Ane Scheel

Skin conditions

Every year, 25% of people in western countries visit the doctor due to benign or severe skin conditions. 70-80% of cases can be resolved by our dermatologists within hours.


There are 130 000 cases of melanoma worldwide each year. The majority of cases are found in western countries among people with a light skin color. Getting a sunburn can increase the likelihood of melanoma by 300%. If you have a mole that has changed its appearance lately, it should be assessed.

Skin cancer

Up to 3 million people get non-melanoma skin cancers yearly. 1 in 5 americans and 1 in 4 britons will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. If your skin easily bleeds, is painful, does not heal, has red patches,nodules or eczemalike rash that is crusty you can ask our online dermatologists for advice.


Almost everyone will experience som kind of rash during our lifetime. A picture with a description will in most cases instantly tell our seasoned online dermatologists what the condition is and what should be done. The dermatologists in Snapmed can give immediate clarification and advice on what you should do next.

General skin questions

Our online dermatologists provide advice and guidance on all kinds of questions regarding your skin. The skin is your biggest organ and there has been described millions of skin conditions. Every year, 25% of the population in western countries visit their family doctor due to benign or severe skin conditions.

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